Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


A buxom young lass named Molly

thought Irish jigs were such folly.

Until Lord of the Dance

gave sweet Molly a chance…

Boy, could she jiggle by golly!


Without You Haiku – Happy Valentine’s Day!

Another sleepless
night of minutes turned to hours
alone without you.

“Dear World, See What I See” – Book Review

I’d like to introduce you to a book entitled, “Dear World, See What I See,” written by Shanti Urreta which was published about a month ago and available on Amazon.com in paperback and Kindle.

Honest, heartfelt, passionate…Let Shanti’s journey awaken your soul! Drawn from her personal experiences, along with facts and quotes and some easy, delicious vegan recipes included, “Dear World, See What I See” is a must read. A reverence for life is a path we all must take to make this world a better place for all living creatures and for those who will walk after us.

Here’s the link:


Shanti is a cherished childhood friend (we’ve been friends since second grade!).  I’m excited and proud to introduce her fine accomplishment on my blog and look forward to her future writings.

Happy Grandparents Day!

Illustration courtesy: antiqueclipart.com

Illustration courtesy: antiqueclipart.com

Here’s a poem I had written 16 years ago and hope to publish as an illustrated children’s book. Enjoy!

While Grandmother Sleeps© 1997

While Grandmother sleeps
the children do creep.
They slip and they slide
They run and they hide.
It’s time for some fun
playtime has begun,
while Grandmother sleeps.

While Grandmama dreams
the little imps scheme.
They plan and they plot
use crayons to jot
hieroglyphic scrawl
upon her tiled wall,
while Grandmama dreams.

While Nana counts sheep
her little lambs leap.
They bump and they thump
they romp and they jump.
Laughing and wiggling
giddy and giggling,
while Nana counts sheep.

While old Granny snores
the youngsters explore.
Up in the attic
they’re acrobatic.
The chandelier swings
as they do handsprings,
while old Granny snores.

While sweet Grandma naps
the little tykes clap.
The tabby cat wails
for they’ve yanked his tail.
They rock and they roll
Oops! Splash! the fishbowl!
while sweet Grandma naps.

Before Grammy wakes
for tea and cheesecake,
the tots retire
tuckered and tired.
With halo in place
and angelic face
before Grammy wakes.

For The Children

When love is gone
gone up in smoke
do not forget
your vows bespoke.

For children need
both Mom and Dad
’cause you are all
they’ve ever had.

Little angels
two, four and six
can’t understand
what you won’t fix.

Don’t throw away
through selfishness
your children’s right
to happiness.

Bite the bullet
and be a man
you, too, woman
you know you can.

Do not expect
a child to choose
for if you do
you’ll surely lose.

They love their Mom
they love their Dad
accept this fact
and they’ll be glad.

Think long and hard
what you do next
your children’s love
you must not vex.